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Our passion make us a leading global company

What We Do

Focuses on developing regular international events which help globalize Busan
as a port city and highlight its unique characteristics, in order to create high
value-added business.

International Conference

Conference planning and operation
VIP liaison & Protocol

Conference management

Committee meeting organization
Regular conference operation


Exhibition planning
Analyzing market situation

Business meeting/event

Organize & operate business meeting
IR events, SP events

Design & Web

Advertising Design, CI, BI, Brochure
Website construction


Booth layout drawings
Exhibit installation


We aim to provide essential services and act as a reliable and invaluable business partner. We strive to hold the utmost of responsibility for our services, and communicate our customer’s business value to the world market.

Building a successful company is no easy task, and we were certainly no stranger
to difficulties and obstacles during our early days.

Christie Lee / CEO


Arranges business tie-ups with global leading overseas partners from the convention industry in the USA, Europe and Asia. We have a connection system between international markets that allows the efficient expansion of events.



We hold the utmost of responsibility for our services as an excellent and essential business partner. We are confident in our ability to provide top results and ensure the profitability of our clients, the company, and wider society.

Specializes in human resources and outside consultation systems

Consists of employees and a board of directors with specialized skills in each core area. We are expert group that offers planning, exhibition, promotion, operation, and protocol services as ‘one-stop service’.

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We serve clients warmly and fairly. We promptly handle client’s demands and deliver the value of our clients’ products and services with sincerity and care. Mistakes are dealt with swiftly and learnt from wisely. We strive for constant self improvement.


LEE Convention Co., Ltd.
Operation Department: #507, Centum IS Tower, 60, Centumbukdae-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan, Korea 48059
Support Department: #612, Centum IS Tower, 60, Centumbukdae-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan, Korea 48059
Tel : +82-70-4239-2709 / FAX : +82-51-747-7030
E-mail: account@lee-expo.com